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Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Rules Rules Rules...... F*** It!


Oh God! Fuck it!!!

I’m trying to write since the past one year and good golly, it is hard! May be that’s because I’m not a writer and I spend too much time watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix! Who says binge watching can’t be inspiring? I do!

Back in the days it was much simpler. Simple as a water bubble. Life in a village, far far away in the exotic land, so they say, the South of India (I would definitely give my right arm away if one more person says that! Have you seen the other half of this exotic world? I guess not!). Anyways, as I was aying life was much simpler back in the days when we had just 2 channels on the tele (that’s what it used be until the Apple’s and Huawei took over and now only the oldies watch the tele). Playing in the ground behind your home, in-fact, you had to invent your own game except for cricket that the Brit’s passed on to us or the very famous Kite Flying… ha ha.

We made our own bats and balls were made out of something we called as cork fruit. We didn’t know its botanical name, so we became very creative and all that shit that the multi million dollar industries talk about today.

And if you think there were no rules, you must be shitting me! Guys come on, think a bit more… South India, a Village, get the hints…

Rule #1: “Never talk to a boy.” not a stranger, but a boy! (boys are more fuckin dangerous than serial killers!).

Rule #2: “Never disagree with your parents” even if it does not make sense. Parents give birth to you, so they have the birth right on you and hence, they own you. You go to hell if you disagree with them. So just nod and do it if they ask you to jump out of the window I guess???

Rule #3: “Do not wear short clothes, especially of you are dark.” What the Fuck… Its freaking 40˚ C outside and even more inside!

Rule #4: “Be home before it gets dark.” I guess I agree with this one for once (wink wink 😉😉)

Rule #5: “You don’t get to choose what you eat.” Ah! I guess mom or secretly our cooks would go extremely crazy if they had to cook for each one of us. We are not that freaking rich!

Upcoming next: Wait for the next special edition!

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