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Hilarious Castism: One Cow Free for An Ox! 

The first part is a small glimpse of my schooling, but do continue the read till the end. 

Well... Life always throws you lemons and guess what, in today's world even if you catch them, to your surprise or may be not, they might be already squeezed from inside while it looks fucking perfect from outside!

Well that's how the fucking world is turning out... UNREAL!

TRUTH: Yes. I come from a place where the winters were considered beautiful as it was only 28 ˚C in a faraway village called Gadag - somewhere in the South of India, between Mumbai and Bangalore. Is it really winter? Not really!

DARE: Then imagine the summer at 40/45 ˚C. I fucking dare you to go out and play, esp when you are already labelled “Dark”.

TRUTH is: The sun never bothered us and I guess these were the best times at school... Born in a Hindu family, my father was clearly a Buddhist in his way of life and studying at a Christian Catholic Loyola Convent with German sisters was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

DARE: I guess the dare for my parents was to get us a good education!

TRUTH: I guess when you are a tiny little puny thing, everything around you looks absolutely freaking big! So, what do you think? it fucking did... the school, the playground, the garden in front of the house, the playground behind the house, the railway tracks across the streets...

DARE: Clean all the million gods in a very specific way – use raw tamarind fruit with water and rub the metals till they sparkle! For me it was just a part of the “to do” list. I was given that piece of work as maybe I’m a clean freak! And also, coz I did not really care for idol worship! There were too many prayers to say in every religion every day! IMAGINE!!!!!!

TRUTH: I LOVED the extra-curricular activities... the sports, the volley ball, the basketball, the athletics, the dancing, the singing…!

DARE: I thought I was intrinsically a boy for a long time! What does this mean… let me clarify how it works in most of India. Most parents want a boy! Many girls wish they were boys to get the treatment a boy gets in a family. It is truly terribly unjust! Is it not?

TRUTH: Let me tell you something, at least in my family and in my weird generation, girls are much stronger and smarter than men!

DARE: Imagine a fragile dark skinned puny looking kid with short hair, looks like the kid is never been fed… ha ha… well, kids are supposed to be fat and it is healthy! WTF!!!!!

TRUTH: The mistaken identity surely helped me build myself as a freakishly and physically strong person! After a few years went by, I encountered my classmates and the reaction as bitchingly surprising as I happened to be a girl!

TRUTH: My friends did not care of what caste I came from. It was good to be a child!

DARE: I guess it was harder for some or even many of their parents and my neighbours to accept I was an Untouchable Dalit... hence I was not allowed to play at thier house or even drink any water if I was thirsty!!!! Such a petty mentality! And I remeber one of them performing a cleansing ritual as I accidentally entered their house! Pffffff....

However, I guess I was one of the lucky of the untouchable kids... The amount of discrumation I faced was quite lower than those kids in our village and other villages. That's coz my father was a head cop! 

TRUTH: In reality, most of the children from the villages are sent to work at the age of 10, married at the age of 12, or fucking worse, sold to prostitution at the age of 12!  Once you are a prostitute, you cannot get a citizenship, or any medical aid! Kids are forced into drugs and smoking at age 8! This is fucking disturbing and for heaven's sake, they are just KIDS!!!!!! 

DARE: Recently I heard a story of one young 12 Yr old girl, not far from my village was married and sent to Gujrat. Little did the parents know that those people where trafficking human kids. The girl gathered all her courage and escaped without money and made her way back to her village in North of Karnataka. Kudos to her courage! And now she is finishing her studies and she is also very lucky that she has supporting parents! That's FUCKING DARING! 

DARE: I remember my uncle telling us a story that we all found funny but ridiculous at the same time. I FREAKIN LOVE IT!!!! He said that they had an ox and it was time for it to mate! A very hot ox who is in need of a cow! Unfortunately none of our caste members had any cow to mate at that time... So him and my granny decided to take the ox to the next village.. Again no cow. So they kept moving from village to village and still did not find a cow! Fucking castism between cows and oxs too! Never heard before right? 

Then, my uncle being a genius asked my granny, "well, the cows from the upper caste are let go to feed off in the evening dawn, who would recognise our ox if we let him with the herd..." Ha ha clever is it not? And so they did... Our ox ran away with a cow of the upper caste and returned after two days... Of course the cows owner was furious and did not accept his upper caste cow to mate with a lower caste ox.. So we got a cow free for an ox! Well that's another DARING thing to do! 

Well... There are many other anecdotes as such that will blow your mind away!



LKG at Gadag, Karnataka, India

UKG at Gadag, Karnataka, India

1st Grade at Gadag, Karnataka, India

4th Grade at Gadag, Karnataka, India

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