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One of those things!

It was time that every bird flies of its nest... But in India most of the parents don't let you grow your wings. For majority of the girls, the wings have been cut off from the beginning and for boys, they make you feel like its growning but they tie them up with an invisible string like an Eagle of Sultan. 

My first attempt to break free was when I asked my parents to get me into a boarding school... May be when I was in my 5th grade! 🤔 Soon I realized that's not going to happen. 

Then my second try was when I was 16 after my 10th graduation, to move into my uncle and aunts house in Mysore to complete, what we call here 'PUC' Pré University College. 

To my luck I got a yes as the school I selected was supposedly one of the best in the state area. Finally I moved from a village to a small city! Yooooohoooo!!! (Pic of Marimallappa's School, Mysore in the 1890s is shown below)

Now, be extremely careful, I'm reaching the heights of my teenagehood and at the same time hating to have a boyfriend. So one day, a group of my girlfriends came to me and said, 'there is a guy in the next door school who has a great deal of crush on you and he is been following you all along..... He is very shy and has no guts to come and talk to you. His favourite color is yellow and he has drives a Yellow Zen! (Zen here in India is also a freaking car and trust me you don't get any zen when you drive in India... 😜😂 )

So, what would a 17 year old girl, who never had a boyfriend do??? I did the same as any teenage girl does.... I was bloody blushing! 🤩

This went on for quite some time and I started imagening my mysteriously handsome Peter Pan! I even went on to keep out an eye for the Yellow Zen when I was on road.... ☺️

One fine day, on the day of our schools cultural day, my girlfriends asked me to wear a yellow dress as the Yellow Zen boy would be visiting our school and would love to meet me. I was all fucking excited! So I got up early with starry eyes, showered, chose my best yellow outfit, made my hair and make up and set off to school! 

I did have few performances that day that kept me busy but my heart was definitely pounding and my eyes wondering to get a glimpse of him. After a days long wait, finally I could see a Yellow Zen drive by! Just a look at that made me float and more anxious to see him. 

Then, more days went by, and I was definitely still thinking of him. We finished our two year course in Science (very serious right? Well it is.) and still no Yellow Zen! 

Finally I made up my mind to find him and guess what, I did find him and proposed to have a milkshake. This is what we did in our teens... We had milkshakes!

Now you might ask me, was it worth it? Well... What do you think?

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